About Us

Opack Machine came into existence by a team which is experienced in packaging industry for long years.The mission of Opack is manufacturing machines based on technology which answers customers needs and have decent quality.In order to be successed in this mission, Opack machine supports it’s expert employees with constant motivation and trainings.

Opack provides service and consultation about thermoform packaging machiine, tray selaer machine, cap design prototypes and maufacturing for any kind of product’s packaging systems.

We are also maufacturing turnkey modular moulding systems for any kind of packaging machine.We provide after sale support with our experienced service personnel and also trainings for your own operators. We offer special solutions for industrial automation and also we support the packaging industry with our research and development studies.

We concentrate on research and development studies for being able to manufacture higher efficient machines and offer different type machines than our competitors in packaging market.


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Form Fill Seal Machines: QT 1010 Form Fill Seal QT 1010 Water cup packaging machine; It is a horizontal thermoforming packaging machine that works properly in high capacities where forming, filling, sealing and cutting processes are applied systematically.
Fully Automatic, User friendly, Forming, Filling and Sealing machines. Form Fill Seal machines QT, with high hygiene standards and an automatic cleaning system (CIP), which is mostly preferred by modern projects and manufactures, you can complete the cleaning process without separating any equipment and without the need of manual cleaning... Detail
The Importance of Packaging Machines and Thermoform Packaging Machines Packaging machines nowadays appears in every sector. Thanks to the packaging machines, user’s life has become more flexible and easier to live. Packaging machines are available in various areas... Detail
Form Fill Seal Machines: QT 1006 The aim of Opack Machine, which has been formed by the experienced team in packaging industry for many years, is to produce a machine that meets the customer’s satisfaction with high quality production based on modern technology. Detail
Opack Machines Opack Machine has reached a global structure within the constantly changing and developing technology, kept up with era and became a recognized brand in the world market ... Detail