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Form Fill Seal Machines: QT 1006

The aim of Opack Machine, which has been formed by the experienced team in packaging industry for many years, is to produce a machine that meets the customer’s satisfaction with high quality production based on modern technology. Opack Form Fill Seal Machines provides consultancy services for the production and design of mold systems for all types of products.

QT 1006 from Fill Seal Machines products:

Coffee cream, honey, syrup, margarine, melting cheese, Nutella, chocolate, ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato paste, yoghurt, non-carbonated fruit juice, water, gel, jam, cream cheese, sweet varieties and citric acid ratio of less than 6% lemonade.

With high filling accuracy, QT 1006 has a 17-23-stroke capacity per minute. High hygiene standards and the CIP system are the most prominent feature of the QT 1006. QT 1006 is available in various styles with various cap designs. The QT 1006 does not take much space with space-saving designs. The QT 1006, with a film level of 1070 mm, provides operator-friendly working height.

The QT 1006 provides easy accessibility for maintenance. There are various labeling systems in the cup edges or in-mold labeling area. The QT 1006 has a long shelf life and your food is safely stored. The QT 1006 has a complete system feature from product packaging to automatic locking. It is a leader in the sector with its servo technology and improved cutting technology.