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Thermoforming Packaging Machines: QZ 1000 MIDI

With Opack Thermoforming Packaging Machines, that are perfect for medium-sized businesses, the products in food industry, medical and consumption areas are now safer!

The QZ 1000 MIDI is both economical and efficient, and is designed for medium-sized businesses. With its size, performance and hardware components QZ 1000 MIDI has a wide range of products in the packaging field and packaging industry.

The QZ 1000 MIDI from Opack Thermoform Packaging Machines has a 6-8-stroke capacity per minute. The control panel features are a 7-inch touch color display. The motion system of QZ 1000 MIDI, which is a servomotor, consists of soft films that can be formulated and bonded. PLC control system, data collection and reporting system QZ 1000 MIDI products are packed with the latest technology.

QZ 1000 MIDI, stainless steel construction chassis, hygienic structure body, stainless and long-lasting blade structure, special water trap filter, has been proven in the industry with the option to make different prescriptions according to each product group. QZ 1000 MIDI has a comprehensive security system in accordance with CE standards.

Whether fresh meat or ready-to-eat, the QZ 1000 MIDI offers a variety of recipes to suit every product group. Other features of the QZ 1000 MIDI includes automatic vacuum test control system, easy mold changing system in modified atmosphere packaging, forming and bonding molds.