The Importance of Packaging Machines and Thermoform Packaging Machines

Packaging machines nowadays appears in every sector. Thanks to the packaging machines, user’s life has become more flexible and easier to live. Packaging machines are available in various areas. One of the most important packaging is the food field packaging. The most important point in food consumption is that it should generally be high quality and reliable. Foods are often spoiled due to many reasons such as microorganisms and enzymes. The main property of packaging is that it helps in transferring food safely from producer to warehouse, retailer and consumer. Besides, food packaging has a great importance, as it protects food from external influences during home food storage. Thermoforming Machines QZ 1000 MINI is the smallest type of OPACK machine family. It provides space-saving concept and high-performance equipment. With this feature, it offers effective solutions to packaging sections in limited production areas. Fresh meats, cold meats, Fish species, cheese and dairy products, ready meals, fruits and vegetables, fresh noodles, bread and confectionery products, dried fruits are products that Thermoform packaging machines is packaging by QZ 1000 MINI. Optional features to include: Thermoforming Machine QZ 1000 MINI has a body that is suitable for hygienic structure. If a packaged product is covered by the European Union, it is obligatory to carry the CE mark. CE stands for European Conformity, which means that products comply with the basic quality and safety European standards. Thermoforming machine QZ 1000 MINI has CE standard comprehensive security system. Stainless steel construction sachet, colorful touch screen display, 3 different language options (Turkish, English and Arabic) are suitable for advanced technology. The Thermoforming Machine QZ 1000 MINI has the PLC control system, which is the cornerstone of the automation systems. There are different recipes for each product group and special water-retaining filter for salty products. Hygiene is important to us, for this reason, your food is safely packaged with machine’s stainless-steel legs and stainless long-life blade structure. The modified atmosphere packaging technique is used to extend the product life and meet the use of fewer additives. The Thermoforming Machine QZ 1000 MINI also features an automatic vacuum test control system, a brush-type automatic chain lubrication system and an easy mold changing system for forming and sealing molds.